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Socially inclusive governance

It’s very rare I write about anything to do with geopolitics, in fact it’s currently rare that I write about anything other than risk/reinsurance over at, but a paper I read this morning has got me thinking and in … Continue reading

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Talking hurricane Sandy and catastrophe bonds on Russia Today (RT) TV

The 30th October was a memorable day. I was having one of my busiest days ever on Artemis, with traffic having jumped by a factor of 20+ because of interest in our coverage of hurricane Sandy’s impact on the U.S. … Continue reading

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Travel GDS’ need to work backwards from the user experience

Apparently Amadeus, one of the world’s largest travel GDS (global distribution system) companies is investing €200m of loans in improvements in their software and services. They make bold claims that they want to ‘revolutionise the travel industry’ which would be … Continue reading

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On complexity in online travel

On Saturday morning I woke up early thinking about complexity. I blame this on a couple of recent online travel consultancy jobs I’ve done and also on my experiences with travel companies I’ve worked for in the past who were … Continue reading

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Will Google+ be gamed by SEO’s?

I’ve yet to see anyone get particularly excited about the launch of Google+ from an SEO perspective but believe me they will… I’ve been wondering if Google+ will feed into the organic search results and how that would work. Looking … Continue reading

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From a web of links, to a web of likes, to a web of sentiment

I was drawn to a tweet by Steve Rubel, from Edelman Digital, earlier:

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Web teams need to share knowledge to be most effective

I’ve held senior roles and run projects at major brands where I’ve been responsible for a large part of a web or ecommerce strategy and as a result responsible for a lot of the staff who make that strategy come … Continue reading

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Operation Window Seat

Someone I follow tweeted a link to the design & aesthetics blog which showed their Operation Window Seat series of posts containing photos taken from the window of planes. I love photos which show features of the earth from … Continue reading

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Why you (as a brand) need a strong and effective online presence

I’m always amazed by the way some brands and even some whole industries still seem to ignore the web as a viable channel for communication, content, sales, PR or even advertising. What does it take to persuade them that they … Continue reading

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Financial markets and social media: adapt to adopt

Social media and social networks are a part of our daily lives. They’ve now been accepted as more than just entertainment. It’s taken a while but the world of business has now realised that it can no longer ignore them … Continue reading

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