Online travel e-commerce consultant

I offer online travel and travel e-commerce consultancy to established travel industry companies, online travel specialists and online travel start-ups. After 16 years working in web businesses and online departments of global companies, 7 of which were in the travel e-commerce sector, I can help travel companies increase the profitability of their online travel e-commerce channels.

My online travel e-commerce roles

I spent nearly 5 years managing e-commerce operations for tour operator Virgin Holidays and 2 years managing all front-end development and e-commerce user interface for, Travelocity Europe and Zuji in Asia.

During my time at Virgin Holidays I worked on complete website redesigns, implementation of XML API gateway’s to their ATOP travel reservation system, user experience focused conversion rate enhancement changes to the website and booking flow, implementation of dynamic packaging through the Codegen system and many other projects. I also worked on convergence projects with the Virgin Atlantic airline, including managing the development of Virgin Atlantic’s online hotel only offering.

While at / Travelocity I product managed the front end user-interface for UK, Europe and Asia and managed all front end UI development. I managed a distributed team of developers based in the EU, Asia and South America. In my time we delivered a new design to the and Travelocity UK websites, new user experience focused booking engines for flights, hotels, dynamic packaging and entertainment products along with many enhancements. I also worked on convergence projects with he Travelocity U.S. team including the adoption of new UI frameworks and new back-end hotel and flight systems.

Online travel & e-commerce consultancy

I work with a number of online travel start-ups in consultancy and advisory roles helping them to grow their presence and enhance their online offerings. I help them develop their their strategy and ensure the best user experience for online travel conversions. I also work with some established travel agents, tour operators and airlines whoi sometimes struggle to get to grips with the online world of travel e-commerce, the importance of user experience & online travel usability and the complex technical reservation and booking systems that underpin a fully bookable travel website.

I have helped travel companies with their online marketing and assisted them in transforming their business to enable them to engage with, embrace and respond to the conversations that occur on the web on networks through social media.

I also work with established online travel agents (OTA’s) helping them enhance their user experience, acquire high quality, relevant traffic, devise and extend their online travel strategy and reviewing any work completed by their digital agencies all with a keen eye on conversion rate enhancement and return on investment (ROI).

I particularly enjoy getting my teeth into projects which help to make the online travel booking journey easier and more intuitive for users, to help my clients achieve higher conversion rates of visitors → shoppers → customers.

My online travel strategy

I have a deep understanding of what it takes to create usable online travel user experiences that convert and deliver revenues combined with a wealth of knowledge of travel technology systems, infrastructures and reservation systems.

I have experience delivering online travel ecommerce strategies for the following products:

  • Online flight booking
  • Flight + hotel booking
  • Dynamic Packaging
  • Rail booking
  • Cruise booking
  • Package holidays
  • Tours, including multi-centre and adventure tours
  • Ancillaries and extras (including car hire booking, excursion booking)

I’ve also worked with a number of online travel companies which aren’t e-commerce related but rather are content rich destination marketing strategies or social travel planning start-ups.

I specialise in online travel user experience, travel e-commerce strategy, online travel technology, conversion rate enhancement, traffic acquisition quality, product planning and marketing.

Some of the people I've worked with and for:

About Steve Evans

I’ve been working in senior digital & e-commerce roles for 16 years so I’ve got a wealth of experience to share. I specialise in online travel, e-commerce and also have a focus on reinsurance, risk and particularly insurance-linked securities / catastrophe bonds. I live and breathe the internet & risk transfer, am tech savvy, user experience focused, think out-of-the-box, offer design & research driven business consultancy and always keep business goals in mind. Read more about me

My ventures

I run a successful portal and blog devoted to the reinsurance, alternative risk transfer and catastrophe bond markets. I’ve managed Artemis for 11 years and am now the owner of this site. Visit Artemis.

I’m a partner in a start-up offshore/onshore energy risk modelling and transfer firm called CatVest Petroleum Services LLC.

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