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Diving into the world of the internet is a big deal for every company. I want to help you answer questions such as this: How much do you need to invest to do your brand justice online? What areas should you invest in? Is it even worth having a website? Should you establish a presence on social networks? How do you get your website well positioned in search engines such as Google? How do you make your existing website work harder for you? How do you increase your e-commerce conversion rate? All these questions (and many more) are difficult to answer without a deep understanding of the internet, customer behaviour online and digital marketing.

What can help is having access to expert advice and a way to secure the services of people who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to the internet. You want to speak with people who live and breathe web design & development, understand search engines and how to make them work for you, have the experience to help you achieve your goals be they conversion rates or customer experience and satisfaction and who understand the breadth of online marketing opportunities that could be available to you.

I’m happy to deal with all enquiries no matter how complex. With my breadth of experience I can provide advice on your internet strategy, help you plan your online marketing, project manage and find the best suppliers for your large web development projects, help you create a plan to engage with your audience on social networks and much more. If you already have a website maybe you should start by hiring me to do a website effectiveness review?

Use the links below to read more about just some of the services I can offer. My services aren’t limited to these topics, I’m happy to respond to requests for support on any topic related to improving your business online.

If you don’t know where to start and this is all too technical for you then just contact me and we can talk.

Website design, development and build, Website Effectiveness Review, Content strategy, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social media consulting, User experience & Usability, Conversion rate enhancement, Hosting, Website maintenance, Web analytics, Online marketing services, Blogs & blogging, Paid Search / Pay-per-click (PPC), Digital / web strategy consulting, Email marketing.

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About Steve Evans

I’ve been working in senior digital & e-commerce roles for 16 years so I’ve got a wealth of experience to share. I specialise in online travel, e-commerce and also have a focus on reinsurance, risk and particularly insurance-linked securities / catastrophe bonds. I live and breathe the internet & risk transfer, am tech savvy, user experience focused, think out-of-the-box, offer design & research driven business consultancy and always keep business goals in mind. Read more about me

My ventures

I run a successful portal and blog devoted to the reinsurance, alternative risk transfer and catastrophe bond markets. I’ve managed Artemis for 11 years and am now the owner of this site. Visit Artemis.

I’m a partner in a start-up offshore/onshore energy risk modelling and transfer firm called CatVest Petroleum Services LLC.

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