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Content is so important. I can’t stress that enough! If it’s not up to date it doesn’t give your visitors confidence in your brand. If it’s not the right content it can leave a lasting bad impression. Your content speaks volumes about you. I can help you devise a content strategy to keep your visitors engaged and your website up to date. I also specialise in helping you write great, engaging content that will portray your brand and service offering the way you want it to be perceived.

Content strategy means starting off the right way and building any website with content in mind, it’s too easy for designers to build a site and then try to force the content to fit. That doesn’t work, you need to design it for the content you have, I can help you ensure your web projects are run this way.

If you don’t know where to start and this is all too technical for you then just contact me and we can talk.

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About Steve Evans

I’ve been working in senior digital & e-commerce roles for 16 years so I’ve got a wealth of experience to share. I specialise in online travel, e-commerce and also have a focus on reinsurance, risk and particularly insurance-linked securities / catastrophe bonds. I live and breathe the internet & risk transfer, am tech savvy, user experience focused, think out-of-the-box, offer design & research driven business consultancy and always keep business goals in mind. Read more about me

My ventures

I run a successful portal and blog devoted to the reinsurance, alternative risk transfer and catastrophe bond markets. I’ve managed Artemis for 11 years and am now the owner of this site. Visit Artemis.

I’m a partner in a start-up offshore/onshore energy risk modelling and transfer firm called CatVest Petroleum Services LLC.

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